Site management

On daily basis we provide site management in construction industry, as well as for individual customers, big companies or developers. B.O.B. the BUILDER staff has a wide range of experiences in this  field. We run site managements on single houses, entire housing areas and other technological or commercial buildings. We do care about customers business by executing from building companies the right quality , time frame which keeps up the contracts schedule, accuracy with plans and drawings or customers specifications. Customers satisfaction and high standard of delivered buildings is our main goal.

Construction Cost & Completion Analysis

We offer construction cost estimating and analyze if there are possibilities of different approach to the designed building which would allow to build it at lower costs without any loses on expected quality standard.

Our  experience in the residential and commercial construction fields, as well as our construction estimating background, allows B.O.B the BUILDER to determine if the construction costs submitted to construct a facility and its site improvements are reflective of the current industry costs within the area and, if not, what the expected costs should be.

Our review can determine if the actual remaining budget is sufficient to complete the project at the designed levels.

Technical advice

We adapt ready house designs to meet the needs and expectations of customers.
Optimize designs for selection of technologies aiming to make building envelope achieve the best operating parameters at affordable prices. Improving the parameters which influence the energy efficiency of buildings, so that current running costs are as little strain to investors wallet  at time of the constantly-increasing energy costs.

Inspections of buildings and apartments received from contractors and developers

We provide inspection services of apartments and residential buildings that our customers buy from construction companies and developers. With this service, our customers at a low cost are able to save themselves a lot of trouble. It happens that some of the recipients list of the identified faults and shortcomings counts several positions which if repair them on your own would require significant capital from  investors. With our help, you are able to enforce the contractor or developer the quality of the work in accordance with industry standards, and to solve fixing all the failures within the original agreement.

Prices are set individually depending on the extent and location of the inspection.

Inspection of an apartment in Poznan is possible from as low as 200 net.

Yearly and 5 years building inspections

We are experienced in both yearly and 5 years building inspections. Inspection we run are very accurate and aimed at finding all possible mistakes, damages and dangers in inspected buildings. It allows our customers to obtain data about items that are necessarily in need to get  fixed or repaired, damage that has occurs due to them, and possible consequences to the building envelope. Running this service we share our experience and propose the best solutions that solve the occurring  problem and prevent buildings from further damage. If necessary we contact customer with solid companies, with accurate knowledge and experience in certain field.

Energy characteristics specification

We offer energy characteristics specifications of buildings that are newly build as well as existing ones that are getting new thermal insulation.

We work within the area

Wielkopolska, Poznań, Powiat Poznański, Powiat Obornicki, Powiat Wągrowiecki, Powiat Gnieźnieński, Powiat Wrzesiński, Powiat Średzki, Powiat Śremski, Powiat Kościański, Powiat Nowotomyski, Powiat Szamotulski, Budzyń, Chodzież, Czerniejewo, Gniezno, Kłecko, Trzemeszno, Witkowo, Kiszkowo, Łubowo, Mieleszyn, Niechanowo, Miłosław, Nekla, Pyzdry, Września, Oborniki, Rogoźno, Gołańcz, Skoki, Wągrowiec, Środa Wielkopolska, Dolsk, Książ Wielkopolski, Śrem, Czempiń, Kościan, Krzywiń, Śmigiel, Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Rakoniewice, Wielichowo, Lwówek, Nowy Tomyśl, Opalenica, Zbąszyń Obrzycko, Ostroróg, Pniewy, Szamotuły, Wronki.